Charvel Guitar Project - Page 2
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Charvel Guitar Project Page 2: Parts!

I decided to use an Original Floyd Rose in gold to go with the white colour of the guitar. This comes with an R3 size nut for the headstock, which unfortunately does not fit the old Charvel style guitars without a bit of modification to the actual guitar itself.

Original Floyd Rode Tremelo Gold

After much thought I finally decided to put EMG's into the guitar to get the most power out of it. These are in white to match the guitar body.

EMG Pickups White

Sperzel Locking nuts are supposedly of very high quality so I decided to go with these, again in gold to continue the colour theme.

Sperzel Locking Nuts Gold

These guitar straps use clips to guarantee that the strap stays on the guitar. The strap is in white to complete the colour set!

Dimarzio Clip-Lock Strap White