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Charvel Guitar Project Page 1: Preparation!

This Charvel Model 6 was bought in Japan in 2004 for the lowly sum of 6,000 Yen. This is approximately £30 so a particularly awesome deal! When I first purchased it, the guitar was in in more of an original condition with a painted body, but with no hardware or electronics. The headstock had been painted all black so I assumed that it was a no-name guitar, but as it still had a neck-through construction, I decided to pick it up!

Only after I got the guitar home did I noticed that the headstock had actually been painted over so in my curiosity, I started removing the paint to see if they guitar had a name. This is when the glorious Charvel logo appeared to me and was the beginning of my interest in Charvel guitars, particularly the old Model 6's!

I started sanding down the body paint after deciding that this new Charvel should be transformed into a new guitar, not an original refurbishment of what it once was. It was my chance to fix the inherent flaws of the original models and update it with modern parts and electronics! The sanding of the body was particularly intense due to the incredible thickness of the original varnish!

Charvel Sanding Body

After finally finishing the front of the body, I took a well deserved rest and did not start the project up again until the summer of 2005!

Charvel Sanded Body

It was at this time when I had a sudden resurge in interest in finishing the guitar and went about getting the rest of the paint removed. I used a large wooden dowel wrapped in sandpaper to remove the paint from inside the horns.

Charvel Blank Front

I sanded down the guitar all by hand to avoid any problems with oversanding if using an electric sander so the back of the neck if particularly smooth. I used a heat gun to warn up some of the varnish inside the back cavities to ease the removal of the varnish and paint.

Charvel Blank Back

By removing the varnish, which had faded to a creamy yellow colour, The binding has now returned to its original, bright light colour. It looks a lot better and should hopefully make the guitar look almost new when it has been repainted and varnished.

You can also see the number "8" written in marker pen on the headstock. Still not sure what it means, possibly an indication of being a factory second?!

Charvel Blank Head

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