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Including my current Charvel Guitar project, I also own two other guitars:

Gibson Gothic Flying V

This is my main guitar and one of my favourite guitars of all time. I purchased it from a shop in Denmark Street in London for about £900 at the end of 2002. I felt that I could not just leave it sitting there uncared for, so I took out a student loan to pay for it after obsessing over it everyday during my free periods at university.

This guitar has a mahogany body and neck with ebony for the fretboard which gives it a thick crunchy tone and loads of sustain. The body is painted in a matte black finish with a simple moon and star design on the fretboard to indicate the 12th fret.

Gibson Flying V Front

Gibson Flying V Close

Gibson Flying V Back

Gibson Flying V Neck

Gibson Flying V Orville

ESP Edwards Flying V

My secondary guitar was another guitar that was bought in Japan, this one was equally reasonably priced at the lowly sum of just 30,000 Yen, or £150 so I made a swift purchase. This guitar came with an Original Floyd Rose tremelo and ESP labelled pickups. It was also in good condition when I bought it, but unfortunately, it has since taken quite a bit of a beating on the tips of the wings as this guitar is huge, far bigger than both Gibson and Jackson Flying V's.

Edwards Flying V Guitar

Edwards Flying V Body

Edwards Flying V Headstock

Edwards Flying V Tremelo