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Welcome to Majestic Twelve!

This website is a record of my new guitar project. I am currently in possession of a blank Charvel Model 6, a guitar which I am converting into a new custom guitar!
This Charvel guitar is a Japanese made Model 6 built in 1987 and is in almost perfect condition, perhaps one which didn't manage to get through the QA testing for some reason.
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You can also view a few pictures of my other guitars; a Gibson Gothic Flying V and an ESP Edwards Flying V.

Please also check out my metal project, Arcane Death!

Arcane Death

Where we are now... Charvel Blank Front

...And where we are going Charvel Generator

These images show the current status of the guitar and also what I envisage the completed guitar to look like. This concept image was created using a custom guitar generator.

Check the guitar project!